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St. Walter-St. Benedict

Home and School Association

H.A.S.A. stands for Home and School Association, and all families are members.

H.A.S.A. provides financial support, organizes adult volunteers for the classroom, and participates in both Halloween and Valentine parties, the Scholastic Book Fair, Santa’s Secret Shop, All School Picnic and many more school events. 

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly H.A.S.A. meetings.  These will be listed on the monthly calendar found here on our website Emails can be sent to


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Upcoming Events


  • BOO Island Scarecrow  Event 10/16/21

  • Little Caesars Fundraiser Ends Oct 22, 2021

  • Trunk and Treat Event 10/22/21

  • at the Chicago Campus 6 -8 pm

  • Halloween Parties in Classroom

  • 10/29/21

  • 11/19/21  Fun Friday Lunch McDonald's

  • 11/29-12/3 Scholastic Book Fair


November 9, 2021

Peterson Hall at the Chicago Campus

6:00 pm

All parents/guardians are welcome.


The H.A.S.A. fees are due by October 25th before the Halloween party.   You can send payment to the office in a sealed envelope, write H.A.S.A. fees and include your child’s name and grade.

HASA Fees are as follows:

Family Fee:       $6.00 per family


Halloween & Valentine Party Fee:   $12.00 per child

FEES DUE MONDAY, September 30 so your child(ren) can attend the parties and events.

# of Students                           Total $ Due

One Student                                          $ 18.00

Two Students                                        $ 29.00

Three Students                                     $ 40.00

Four Students                                       $ 50.00    

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