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On behalf of the St. Walter-St. Benedict Athletic Department, We would like to welcome all students to participate in our interscholastic sports programs.  Sports are an excellent way to grow emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually as an individual.  

Players are expected to act responsibly as they represent our school and to remember they are ambassadors to everyone who visits St. Walter-St. Benedict.  Student athletes have academic and athletic responsibilities and are expected to represent us all in a 1st class manner.  Our primary concern is the education of the athlete. Our goal is to help our athletes succeed in life. We expect all who choose to participate in our sports programs to be responsible athletes and show good sportsmanship.

Please remember that the coaches and board are here for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  


The St. Walter-St. Benedict Athletic Club Board

St. Walter- St. Benedict School

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Pre-K/K will receive their uniforms Thursday, Sept. 9th. I will deliver them to the school.
I hope to deliver 7th/8th to their practice tomorrow, if not they will be delivered to the school on Thursday.
The remaining teams will receive their uniforms Friday at school. The printer is working overtime to have these ready for us. 
If you ordered an adult small jersey, you should have received an email from me last week. 


Jerseys are hunter green with gold lettering, shorts and socks are navy. 


Heja App/Team Communication: 

If you have not downloaded the Heja App for your child, please be sure to do so as all communication regarding schedules will be communicated through the app. 


Look for Heja in the android or apple store, it is free. 


Heja Codes: 

PK/K- XR-272268

1st/2nd- OB-634304

3rd/4th- IJ-365731

5th/6th- EQ-459893

7th/8th- SJ-390410

We are thrilled to have 101 students playing this fall! We are playing with a few oversized teams and are eternally grateful to our selfless coaches and assistant coaches. As I said at parents night, we may have to consider fielding 2 teams per division for the spring 2022 season. If this is the case we will need additional volunteers, or we may have to cap the teams. Please keep this in mind as the season progresses and consider whether you might be interested in coaching in the spring. Just like the students, you don't have to be an expert, we learn from experience.


Thank you so much!

Emily Meyer

SWSB Athletic Club, Soccer Coordinator