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Religious Education

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Religious Education and Sacramental Preparation of Children
St. Benedict Religious Education and RCIC

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Parish of St. Benedict. On behalf of everyone involve in the ministry of Catechesis and evangelization I want to congratulate each father and mother for committing yourselves to form your children in our catholic faith; and I ask the loving God to fulfill your lives with love and many blessings and to give you and your family guidance and perseverance to accept the call to be disciples of Jesus, our Friend and Redeemer. 
Every person involved in the program has the commitment to share our faith and keep growing as faithful disciples of Jesus. What we are eager to do is more than teach your child the basic doctrine of the Catholic faith, to give them an understanding of the Mass, or to prepare them to receive the sacraments.

It is very important to value that our faith is nurtured each moment of our lives in church as well as in our homes and everywhere. It is important to value that our faith matures when our intellect is involved in our understanding of God. It is also important to value that our faith grows when we put into action what we believe. In other words our faith transforms and makes us holy; our faith converts us to Jesus Christ.

The Religious Education Program needs not only the efforts of the catechetical team, we rely on the involvement and continuous effort of our whole community, of every one of us: children, parents, priests, employees and volunteers; age does not matter because we are all part of God’s family and all of us must be united as ONE in God.

Cost of materials for one year of Religious Education:
  • One child: $160.00

  • Two children: $210.00

  • Three or more children: $260.00

Additional fees
  • For extra materials and retreats apply for children receiving Sacraments:

    • First Holy Communion and Reconciliation (per child): $50.00

    • Confirmation (per child): $75.00

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